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Robotic contact welding cell


Automatic complex of car body parts creation. Implemented at the facilities of the enterpriseLLC "Coşkunoz Alabuga". Ensuring high quality of products, fast and efficient production of large batches of parts.

Task: Process automation for resource saving
Customer: LLC "Coşkunoz Alabuga"
Implementation year: 2021

Main components

Welding cell provided with Kuka KR-120 robotic device, fitted with ARO 3G welding pliers, set of welding jigs with pneumatic clamps and part presence sensor system.This ensures full control over the process and the speed of work.

– Pneumatic clamps of leading brands TUENKERS and DESTACO
– SMC and FESTO pneumatic infrastructure
–Sencstronic and Balluff sensor system operated by the Siemens controller
– SICK photo barriers and scanners to ensure safe operation.



Our welding jigs are designed for specific geometric features of body parts. It gives an opportunity to position the parts relative to each other to within -/+ 0,2 mm.

This complex reliably fixes the details for later contact welding. Welding jigs are mounted on special universal pedestals, which ensures consistently accurate orientation of the conductor in the workspace.

This technical solution makes it possible to produce a variety of parts in one welding cell using different conductors.


The robot and tooling are technically serviced through the service door, which has an opening sensor and a safety lock.


The robotic complex is controlled through the service panel, as well as special operator consoles.



Due to the automatic process of sharpening and changing the electrodes of the welding tongs, as well as the precise positioning of the tongs by a robot, the complex allows to obtain welded joints of higher quality than in manual production.

The complex is simply reconfigured, so you can quickly and efficiently produce a large number of parts.