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Robotic arc welding cell for suspension arms


Automatic complex of arc welding in shielding gas environment. Implemented at the facilities of the enterprise LLC "Coşkunoz Alabuga". The complex is designed for welding bulk products, the welding seams of which are located in several planes.

Task: Improving product competitiveness
Customer: LLC "Coşkunoz Alabuga".
Implementation year: 2021

Main components

The complex is equipped with two Kuka welding robots working together.

  • TUENKERS and DESTACO pneumatic vices
  • Sencstronic and Balluff presence sensors with high wear resistance
  • Power supply
  • Welding torches
  • Fronius stripping station
  • SICK photo barriers and scanners to ensure safe operation.



For the given complex we have developed welding jigs that allow precise positioning of 8 workpieces. Welding jigs are located on triaxial KUKA positioner, which has a high load capacity, excellent turning angle, and +/- 0,05 mm positioning accuracy.

For loading and unloading products we use KUKA KR-120 robot with magnetic grip. After welding, each piece is marked on a SICK engraving station with technical vision, which significantly improves the quality of work.


The robot and tooling are technically serviced through the service door, which has an opening sensor and a safety lock.


The robotic complex is controlled through the service panel, as well as special operator consoles.



Robotic welding systems are pre-engineered and delivered ready-made. Used to automate welding production. Welding takes place in a special sealed chamber, which has ventilation. This equipment filters the air from accompanying gases during welding and reliably protects against ultraviolet radiation.

Due to the precise positioning of the parts, the seams are of high quality, which allows you to start mass production in the shortest terms.