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Turnkey components development




We provide a full-cycle service of the product development for automobile industry, including Chassis, CCB, Front & Rear Beam, BIW.

Required input for work start are: design, volume, purpose, key parameters, size information and principle of work. Based on these data our engineers develop a product and lead it from project study to industrialization.


The main stages of work


Preparing a technical proposal - outline the stages of product development based on your terms of reference


Creating a draft design and offering design concept


Rendering component part, choosing of material and part thickness


Checking feasibility:stamping analisys, assembly (welding) analysis, digital analyzes


Testing on specialized stands, checking the strength and other characteristics of physical part


Creating design documentation for the product in the CAD system.



Turnkey development of a dash panels cross member

Turnkey development of a subframe

Turnkey development of a chassis rear axle