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Simulation and engineering analysis


The use of CAE analysis technology helps to decrease the likelihood of defects at the design stage, as well as verify the reliability of all technical parameters of the product, and thus to speed up the industrialization of parts and optimize their production.

We assess manufacturability in initial stages and check an opportunity to design of a certain part in digital environment together with research material strength property and other parameters.




Feasibility analysis

We check parts formability at the design stage: both for hot and cold stamping. Send us 3D model to make simulation and to get best way of solving problems, if they occur. We point out in details how to change cutting geometry to obtain the best technological product.



CAE analysis (Computer-Aided Engineering)

Engineering analysis, based on 3D model, allow us to check how details will function under highly realistic conditions. Our engineers assess the product performance and improve its characteristics thereby saving your time and money.